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Matla Group Limited

Design your Future

Matla Group Real estate is a leading real estate solutions provider in Kenya.

We assess your needs and budget, to help you find the perfect land investment.


Private Land Solutions

At Matla, we cater to Individuals looking to invest in single plots as little as 50 by 100 (1/8th of an acre). We find the right land, perform an thorough due diligence and support individuals financially to own the property.

Individual property owners can enjoy services such a 9-month payment period or access financial services from our financial partners.  

Group Land Solutions 

Matla Group Limited supports Groups, Saccos and Micro-finance groups looking to own huge chunks of property by finding the land, finding financing solutions, performing the due diligence and overseeing the transfer and sub-division process. 

Talk to us today and let us help you land as small as an acre to land as big as 1000 acres. We will do the ground work and help you find the right property. 

Ready to Buy?

Are you ready to Design your Future with Matla? Call us today and let's get you started on your property ownership journey.